Amazon Web Services – How to Host a PHP Application – Processwire App in AWS

Amazong Web Service - How to setup a virtual instance


Mongolian Empire – History of Asia

The rise of Mongol Empire 1187 - Temujin were at war with Jamukha, his blood brother over the supremacy of Mongolian tribes. 1204 - Temujian pursued & defeated Jamukha.He then executed him. 1206 - Temujin was proclaimed Genghis Khan, the Great Khan. 1207 - Mongol conquest of Kyrgyz, Oirat, and Buryat. 1210 - Western Xia … Continue reading Mongolian Empire – History of Asia

KDE Connect – Unification of your Mobile and PC / Laptop

The PC/Laptop pairing with mobile phone, it goes back with the Nokia Era. Those PC Suite installation and issues, we all have those vivid memories.  But Nokia has gone from the foray, bluetooth is no more shiny, now its Android time.. 🙂 There are already PC/Laptop suits for various mobile phones, yet there is one … Continue reading KDE Connect – Unification of your Mobile and PC / Laptop