MDSeManager is the All-in-one e-partner for your Motor Driving School.

There are plenty of reasons to choose MDSeManager for managing your Driving School. This will definitely organize you business in a structured level, then reduce your effort and increase your efficiency. Thats why we can say MDSeManager is the All-in-one e-partner for your Motor Driving School.

The system has extensive features to fill various requirements for a Motor driving school management.

student-managementManaging Students is the most important and hardful task of the administration in a Motor Driving School. MDSeManager allows simple and effective management of Students in systematic manner. Our system allows all the related operations of Student like- Fee Collection, License & Learners, Packages and more. This module allows you to add and manage your students information with all other relevant information. On your Student profile page, you can find out the learners and driving licenses with it’s expiry in a smart manner with the help of a smart layout. This will completely reduce the manual paper work of you Driving School and can save much more time and money. You can take proper report of your students and can use it for different purposes like- Driving Test, Renewals etc.

learners-managementManage Learners & Driving Licenses
The most important aim of a student joining on a Driving School is to get learners first and prepare for the Driving License. So every driving schools should keep the Learners information and the Date of Driving Test in a proper systematic manner. This module allows you to keep these records in a systematic level to manage them as required. Only thing you have to manage is the proper level of data management in every modules. You can also manage your customer’s licenses for the renewal on every due date of license. This module allows you to keep these records in a systematic level to manage them as required.


accounts-managementIncome Expense Management
Accounting system is the most important part of an organization to track and organize their financial transactions. Our Accounting systems simply track the income and expenses of your Driving School. In the case of Income Management, you can add each of your income by category. Like income its important to track expenses also in an Accounting System. With the proper management of Income and Expenses, we can track the profit from your business. So our system allows you to analyse Income Expense Balance, Financial Analysis and much more to control your financial strategy.


MDSeManager developed and maintained by the leading web development company – Cyberbeams Technologies. Our research team analysed the real world of Motor Driving School and developed each and every modules properly.

Mageia 2 Review

After a few while, I am updating my blog, I was very much busy with work, though I wanted to post so much about life in Kuala Lampur. Anyways here goes another Techie Post.

Review for Mageia Linux 2 and OpenSuse 12.2

Mageia Linux 2

To be hones,I am so sad about the fall of Mandriva, it was the de-facto OS of mine since 2004. But recently, the glad news came up that Mageia, an original fork of Mandriva, is coming up. I did not notice about Mageia 1 but Magiea 2 seriously a show stealer, it climbed position 2 in distro-watch with minimum time. I guess even Ubuntu could not do this.

Any ways I tried Mageia 2 on laptop,unfortunately I am so not satisfied. So many reasons, first of all, Mageia has no MATE desktop support. I am an ardent user of Gnome 2.8. Its the best Desktop ever in computer history. All fonts in Magiea looks very bulky. Some pros n cons

Pros :-
1. Easy installation,provides a DVD version and a Live CD version
2. Features KDE 4.8, gnome 3 and xfce
3. Easy to add 3rd party apps and multimedia codecs from adding tainted repos.
4. Latest kernel and all hardware are supported.

1. Skype crashes when video chat enabled
2. Boot up time is little longer that it should, plymouth log shows some warnings.

Review :- Its a very good choice for newbies and intermediate users for desktop use. If you are thinking about to use Ubuntu, then you surely use this distro. Its better than Ubuntu. Mageia truly inherits all those great qualities of Mandriva. Surely you can try this one.

BlueGriffon:-A modern Web Authoring System, alternative to DreamWeaver??

BlueGriffon is an intuitive application that provides Web authors (beginners or more advanced) with a simple User Interface allowing to create attractive Web sites without requiring extensive technical knowledge about Web Standards.

Because Gecko lives inside BlueGriffon, the document you edit will look exactly the same in Firefox 4. Advanced users can always use the Source View to hard-code their page.

for more info go here..

and if you are using
Mandriva Linux, install it from MIB repository

Mandriva2010 Spring.. a fresh minty bre …

Mandriva2010 Spring..
a fresh minty breeze again…..
…I used almost all Linux Distro(both debian n rpm based).But each time, I tend back to Mandriva…I dnt know why every one saying Ubuntu as the number one desktop distro.. but in my personal experience, Mandriva beats Ubuntu:-
1.faster boot
2.quick response.
3.better fonts.
4.default wide range software
5. large repository media(Free DVD version)..

only point ubuntu may be better as in Graphical themes.. but its bcoz lots of fans making it for ubuntu..
Mandriva surely a gem, but need more fans n fanatics..surely..

freedom and humanity..

After all heavy buzz of free beer in technology, its time to think beyond what actually free beer  can produce..

freedom!! its a word of power. it has some power inside..freedom is humanity..all in our life , every human needs to be free.. enjoy the open  sky..

open source software   have the freedom in its defenition.. sharing and co-operation .. thats the basic and prominent  thriving energy to build  up human cutlure and evolution.. our world is not built by one man.. our world is not built in one day..

we are the nly one spcecies who has the ability to overcome natural choice.. to survive the fittest.. huaman race survived with cooperatrion and sharing knowledge..but sadly now, the world turns into a fight club.. every one fighting for it.. so we have two choices…

one to  fight each other and survive .. second to coperate each other let the other to survive too..we should take the second .. its so close to humanity.. its more meaningful..not only in technology.. in every aspect of our life.. lets put our hand together.. lets enjoy our freedom.. lets co-operate and survive together..happy freeedom..

phishing,Fake internet postcards ‘Zeus Bot’ virus

its  the time phishing attacks are  rising again from 6 under feet.  i am getting lot of invitation from my friend who supposed to invite me to see their myspace, facebook pictures and photos. Whenever you got such an email .. beware  it could be phishing net behind that invitation..

just dont click the link to these sites from the email.. just type  URL of the social site wish to  visit ,on a fresh window. its the safest way..

next threat is from Zeus bots.. its another way of phishing.. next time u will get a xmas card from your friend.. just careful.. if it will ask to download anything to view content, then close the browser..  its always good method to type the URL on a new window.. go click through links..

have a safe internet voyage…

Google.. the Next Microsoft????

we live in the time of Googolisation:P ya we use google for so many needs.we use google products,.latest news, like Google is coming with their own Operating System. even now google has 90% of the Internet market share and web enabled services.. so it should be a very important milestone for goggle to launch their own OS..seems like everything good..
but only one question>?? IS google going to be the next Microsoft?? in in



i dont know how many times i have seen these movie.. i already know scene by scene and dialogues by heart..;P .
but love to watch them again and again.. whenever they will be aired on TV, i would be nailed on the sofa..:P..
the matrix.. its more than a movie .. its a concept.. its propagates a different philosophy…reality versus fantasy.. myth and truth…
the definition of real… its just only the electro neuron pulses which produced by our brain due to the inputs of our senses….hence its just relative.. relative to the world we live, the situations and surroundings we feel..its hall of fame debate….

apart from the retina-freezing action scenes, this movie has some thing inside it… its concept.. even this concept is there already in our world so long ago.. but porting this into a movie dimension is some thing great..

Malayalam chat in Gmail chat(firefox plugin..)

here is tip chat in localised languge using GMail chat in firefox.
all you have to do is to install the add on on firefox named >Google Indic Transliteration 1.0.6

Just restart your firefox and open the gmail chat.. it will show u the options for the installed languages. Choose Malayalam from it and start chatting …