Gay-homosexuality legalization ..


The so called freedom parade occurred so many places in india for pushing up the legalisation of Homosexuality ..Withdrawing or rewriting the article 377.

i think the civil society of india must support this movement.. we are a civilised country and we have a democratic government and society..
on the other side , this is a highly important health issue also. .. its a big truth that gays and homosexual ppl exist in our society,.. transvestism and transsexuals are the part of the society .. we have to accept and consider them too..On the current situation, they are suffering so much discrimination and sexual abuse ..
so many day-light gentlemen using these kinda ppl on the shadow of night … AIDS and other Sexual Transmitted diseases (STD) are the result of current situation .. On the shadows article 377 , most of the Tv, Ts people are being sexually harassed and abused ..

we have to stop this .. we the vanilla society should support this freedom movement and try to mobilise the re-writing of article 377 and help this people to come forward to the central face of society ..

this is also a human rights issue.. ppl who are engaged with gay or Tv,Ts , they r just being ignored from the main track, they are getting abused on the work place and all other areas.. it is a very pathetic support for the human right..

on the contrary.. another point i have to note here is , i support for this movement as human rights issue.. but i dont agree or support for the sexual liberation or sexual anarchy…. making out the complete sexual liberation and anarchy is just like implementing complete Talibanism .. both extremities are same in the effect .. Consider this issue only as a human rights point of view , then help and support for the tv,ts and homosexual people.. but it should not be like sexual liberation or sexual anarchy ..