Embrace Pressure Governance, not pressure politics.

pressure politics vs pressure governance

Its a hot fuzz now, since the election heat waving on the air and adding a bit cherry to it, popular social activist Anna Hazare has ignited his strike for LokPal, a powerful, apolitical governing body to prevent corruption. There are immense of support and solidarity for his strike, coming from every niche of the society. This is a real good thing for Indian society and politics. Corruption is the deepest rooted cancer in Indian politics.
We have seen so many time, its came into the debates, discussions, so many people tried to stop it, even they proposed new parties, new ideologies ,claiming to prevent corruption, a new political party which is free from corruption, but sadly, they all grown up into politics with corruption.
So its been clearway from past experiences that, not a single party can succeed without corruption, because power always mixed with corruption.

So what is the solution for this? Each time, we ask this each other, then some of us jump for a new party, but the same old sad endings.

We have to propose a new solution, a new scheme. The contemporary schema we are seeing in the political area is the pressure politics. Organized communities and minority communities,cast-oriented communities, etc etc , all of them are using pressure politics. They are pressuring to these political parties according with their demands, which are specifically and precisely form these community interests. Unfortunately, no one cares about the common-man issue, the regular social issues. May be the society is not organized or federalized, thats the reason??

I guess, we can learn some thing from this Anna Hazare strike, we can evolve into some thing new and effective. No party can be clean from corruption. We need a stern,firm apolitical watch dog system for corruption. One of the main reason for this hike of corruption is the lack of precise sentences. Every one think that they can bend the law and violate rules by money, its so far as true also.
Here comes the importance of bills like LokPal, some thing, some legal system, which is powerful, yet apolitical, free from all kind of outside-pressure. This kind of a system or a board or a governing body, whatever we call, it can restrict the rate of corruption. People may not jump into corruption if there is a powerful watch dog. If they know, they will get caught, they will get serious punishments, these rate will down fall so fast.

So its time for pressure-governance. We need more and more influence into the governing system from the public side. We have a very powerful tool already, ie. information law, now we need some more spearhead to our arsenal. LokPal could be the best of them.

So support for this movement, Make this happen, take part more into the governance,contribute,influence into governance, not politics. Let the political parties do their work, but let them know , they are being watched. Thats the only solution for this, the better approach to make things clean and effective..

Libya:- Dilemma between Devil and Sea??

Since its the hottest news after the Japanese catastrophe, seems like western countries waiting for a chance to use their aged-weapons on their arsenal.

The common people in Libya is now in a dilemma. They no longer want a dictator as Qaddafi but what they gonna have on other side?? Alien invasion?? Libya gonna be the next Iraq, a place with no government, no rules , no laws.

All these so-called upholders of democracy has one single view, to the broad pool of petrol in Libya. The current situation of world is such a trauma. Isnt this a bigger catastrophe effect of Communist-break down??

there are no alter-forces to oppose these western democratic-torch holders …. there are no good alternative than dictators/terrorist/fanatics/democratic invaders…

sad..sad… saaad……….

Vandemataram.. anti-islamic??

There is a recent buzz about a new that some of the news “The Jamiat-e-Ulema-e-Hind on Tuesday supported a decree against the national song ‘Vande Mataram’ on the grounds that some of its lines were ‘against the religious principles of Islam’.”


””””Some of its lines are of course against the religious principles of Islam. We cannot bow before anybody other than the Allah. It is un-Islamic,” Moulana Muizuddin of the Jamiat said.””””””

“”””We love our mothers. Islam doesn’t even permit bowing before mother. We love the Prophet but we cannot even bow before him.”””””


“””Maulana Salman, who teaches at the Deoband seminary, said: “We are true Muslims and true Indians. There is no doubt about that. But we no longer remain Muslims when we offer our prayers to anybody else than the Allah. Patriotism is not only about singing songs. We are and will remain Indians without singing Vande Mataram.”””””


So the picture is clear…As we know , there are two type of nationality. or national integrity. One is with the nation and other with the  religion.. There is not much countries in the world  which are poly religious or Secular,. most of the countries have single national religion..but in  india, its different and unique country in its own way. India might  be the only one country has these much diversities on religion and languages and culture in a single country..

but here  we have survived and stood unite last these years .,. we  have been walking together to our future, no mater wat religion, language culuter we belongs to..

but here come the biggest question… Wen it comes to the National integrity, what should be ur premium preference??  Should nt we take our religious ,culutural,language  things apart and fight against and common enenmy or fight for  our common need??


or on the other hand.. is it true that singing national anthem  is not exactly wat patriotism means?>??


Love Jihad love Crusade. love Thrisool!!

So here we got the headline, the catastrophe of the millennium ,Love jihad. This is the latest but most effective weapon from Terrorists.. Emotions are the  best weapons..always..so let check this out ,..

Here we go what our medias( some medias!!) and our government agencies saying( there are no clear cunt evidence yet!!)..

Love  jihad, its the codenamed secret mission from the islamic terrorists. Its main aim is to convert  girls from other religions( note the point) convert into Islam on the  shadow of love and then once they are  converted , these girls will be used as sexual slaves to terrorists.. seems like  pretty hollywood blockbuster, isnt it??..there were huge numbers of conversions are already happened.. some rumor airing  that the famous writer madhavikkutti(Kamala Surayya) was on of the victim of this project..

I am sure  your mouth might be open now!!.lol.. But just think about the social/political effect..

This incident/rumor is the best weapon  for religious fanatics can get.This is the best path they can feed their religious agenda. Recently the news came thatr KCBC and NNS making stand against this issue..but  I wonder how these poeple gonna  fight with this things??? there are only few ways..

1.Ban  all inter religious love relationships.

2.Preach Women in hindu/Xian that never fall in love with an Islamic guy..

3.Do not make love relationships!(but if u must then always love within your religion ( if u can, within  your cast)..

etc  etc…what other possible ways to  oppose this ?? Love Jihad?? . No one can digg  up a human mind.. :)..

On the flip side, there are some notable issues.. first , all these NSS,KCBC watver, people got fire on their tails, now .. only whenever this became a religious issue..They  trying to close their eyes towards other issues.. Number religious conversion happened ,(supposed to be) .. in allegation … but the number of Girls missing cases, rape,  murder and Sex trafficking , there are higher higher than this so called Love JIhad crap… but any single religious Leader  moved their sword against this..There are number of Women harassment ,torturing happening inside  every religion ..Sexual trafficking still being the biggest successful business in this world..Church/Temple has no word against it.,. but it always count only if it hurt the    religion.. If a girl is murdered, raped .. then its fine but if she got converted into another religion, then thats the crappiest thing in this world..???..seems like that how  things going to …

I dont understand whats this is all about.. all fuzzes about Love Jihad..  even bfore this term coined”Love Jihad”, there were always, still there,, sex rackets.. why no fuzz against them??… notable point is that , every one talking about girls.. no one worries about guys.. seems Loe Jihad has no women wing..( or men are so stronger??!!!)…

GulMohar..Unheard ThunderBolt of Spring…

GulMohar.. its malayalam movie..its not typical movie.. this movie themed with in remembrance of lost expectations of the yesterday youths. Those hopes are in alive for ever though…i would like to write some thing about this movie bcoz it has a sinusoidal clocking over a recent issue in kerala.The chengara Land struggle.. when i am writing this, Chnegara land struggle has over.. its oppressed thats whats more suitable to say..

“”IF a crime happen in a town, there should be a riot bfore the dawn””..

its a lost slogan.. there are so many crimes happenings,, but there is no single riot..

its a catastrophe ir black humour that , a political party who came in power due to land struggles in past, they are now opposing for the very land struggle..its the irony..

thats what this film depicts.. its draws the broken dreams of youths who threw their life for Thunderbolts of Spring…it also shows how revolutionary movements can be bent… How the parasided people still being ignored..there cry for spring is unheard .. again .. and again..

Onam. a CounterReading..

So here comes, Mallus own national festival Onam, no matter whichever religions or cults we belong to, every mallu enjoys and celebrate as a birthday…Counting on the financial side, Onam is equal to 10 Grand Shopping Festivals..its mega time for buying.. nowadays Onam has mutilated more into a business aspect than from a Emotional side…everything molded to a commodity manner we can buy ..

Onam is just a Shopping Festival..

now lets take a look over that old cliche story.. mahabali and vamanan… i just got some excerpts over the theme of this story…Most of our religious stories have a moral side..Moral of story.. but i cannot get wats the moral of this Onam..

as far from the story, kingdom of Mahabali ,was a good and prosperous one ..from our saying .. “” no lies, no fake units”..but then why this vamanan( mahavishnu) destroyed it?? he is supposed to be a good one .. on the side of Devas..all of the reason , from the story is , Mahavishnu did that only for Indra..another Deva king.. some interesting thing in this theme is , its matches with current world… USA is trying to polarize this world into Unipolar.. They dont need any other good countries.. Or good rules…IF any good thing one this earth, it should be done by USA….they blame china and Cuba but cover Iraq and Guantanamo.. i never know Mahavishnu has a direct relation with USA Foreign Affairs department..

From this theme.. both USA/Capitalist powers and Mahavishnu .. they both speak language of the Wolf to the lamb, in that old story.. and making this clear..

Moral of the Story..
Power Does Matter!!!..and Powerful will make law and weak will obey..!!

Divorce and Abortion..Social Malice..

as per the statistics, the number of divorce cases and abortions are increasing from year to year from the last 3 years..this is a very crucial situation and going to make long-affected distractions to the kerala civil society..

its true that in a republic country, there is a right for these things.. getting divorced and abortion.. but tid clear indication to the infected state of civil society..so called Kerala morality and all other virtues are just standing like Fakedolls.

Young generation need some serious therapy.. there is a big space for consulting abt moral values..

a common keralite has lost the mindset for uplifting social situations and overcoming hurdles..Issues like these are not happening only inside high-society life field… but every where… changing lifestyle, speedy, rapid information ,, so many factors pacing through… we need to cure this very effective.. unless, this will lead into a real catastrophe..

another enron???

Sad news again.. Satyam computers , one of the leading computer software company revealed their weakest point..
well what is happening??
are we making 100 story building on a water- made basement??
around 53000 employees got the Democlees Sword upon their head.:(

seems like Government job is always good and rock solid, even the salary is low, but its a stable flow..
making high much money with few hours is always a starting a tragic story:(