Mageia 5 beta 1 Review – A User perspective

This is just a user review of Mageia 5 beta 1 ( Mageia-5-beta1-LiveDVD-KDE4-x86_64-DVD ).

Mageia 5 Beta KDE – 64 bit Version


I have download and put it into the USB stick and booted the live mode. The live mode was straight, clutter-free and fast. It correctly detected my screen / laptop resolution, my graphics card , bluetooth and USB internet (MTS Mblaze).  Everything is working, so I went for the installation


1. Installation


I choose the USB installation boot method rather than installing it from the Live Mode.  There are not much changed in the installer, same interface and questions. Just few questions, selecting location, keyboard etc. Then it comes to the partition selection step. I went for custom partition option, after I chose partitions, hit install.

The installation went smooth, took around 15-20 minutes maximum. After post-installation question, I hit reboot and my new desktop is there !


2. Desktop :-


The default KDE desktop is so normal, not much aesthetics. It is just plain KDE desktop with all effects on. So I went to customize it, tweaking some themes and icons etc




































3. Applications

There quite useful applications are pre-packed with this version. Firefox for browser, Dragon player  and Amarok for multimedia.  Libre Office package is installed, archiving tool is there.. Well, its enough for a decent start


4. System Responsiveness :-

My benchmark for system responsiveness is my Netrunner KDE version. Its blazing fast, so I compare Mageia with with that. The result, is Mageia performed well enough. System is responsive and communicative. The Booting time is not so much, comparing other  distros and KDE greeter themes is ok.


Bugs :-


There are not much bugs to report yet. Installation was smooth. Booting and system responsiveness is cool. I dont find any bug or problem so far. If I will,  update it.  So this beta 1 is working good and I am sure the final release will be better.

Here is my desktop – Mageia-5-beta1-LiveDVD-KDE4-x86_64