One Stop solution for adjust screen brightness in Linux

This one is just temp/quick fix for brightness issue for Linux machines. Some people, like me cannot stand with higher values of computer screen brightness. We surely adjust as per our eye suitability.  But what if we work on Office Machines or using a friend’s one ? May not all the time, we shall have full permission to change the screen brightness. In such cases, this quick fix can be a heaven for your eyes. 😛


we find which display device we are connected to. open your Terminal and fire this below command. Please dont type ‘#’ also. It is for just to indicate that is a terminal / shell env.
#xrandr -q | grep ” connected”

Now, this will output the connected display such as

VGA1 connected primary 1366×768+0+0 (normal left inverted right x axis y axis) 344mm x 194mm 

This is in my case, but it will vary as per systems. For me VGA1 is my display. Some times it may show LVDS1 and so on.

Now, use the second command for set up our brightness level

#xrandr –output VGA1 –brightness 0.6

that is, we set the brightness 60% of maximum brightness. This is ok for my eyes, but not for my Boss, so whenever he leans to my monitor for some thing, I will set this back to 1. voila !

So thats how Save Eye from Blindness going !! 😛


Korora 21 – A powerful riding horse

Korora21 – A tamed Wild Horse
Korora is some thing a well trained powerful horse with all setup for the ranger  as in Fedora, the user has to take the extra effort / time.

I was a satisfied K20 user, which is the first time I got my hand laid over Korora.  I had some small issues with PulseAudio permission issues wit k20 but apart from that the experience was awesome.

so, K21 does keep that awesome impression. I chose XFCE spin, XFCE is getting better and mature, it is the new Gnone Classic.  The installation went pretty smooth and tidy. The new system logged me in very fast, faster than my other two distros (Frugalware and NetRunner 15).

Some of the points that make this Distro cooler

1. System responsiveness is strong and stable. Not bloating, lagging
2. Memory consumption is nominal
3. Excellent Theme and Icons (GreyBird)
4. I can install and Fedy for tweaking and customization
5. Fedora repositories with extra, like an Ocean, one can install any thing they need

SMPLAYER was not in the default applications. But it took just a minute to install with  yum. Same as Skype, I installed with Fedy.

Yumex is the GUI for package management, which is still Raw and Basic compared to the Debian / Arch equivalents. Hope Fedora will bring some thing cooler and easier.

So, at the end of the day, Korora 21 is just awesome distro for your general purpose computing. You can be a noon, inter or advanced. This distro surely deserves higher ranking in Distrowatch 🙂

Broadcom wifi driver device 4727 Mandriva solved!!!

I recently bought a Samsung laptop in which the broadcom device 4727 wifi card. I installed Mandriva free2010 spring and it did not detect the wifi card. when I tried to install a new wifi connection from MCC, it gave me an option for ndiswrapper. even it did not work. I was trying so many option for last 3 days,.. Today I got it working. Here are the steps I followed..

1.i installed dkms-broadcom-wl (kernel module for broadcom wirless adapters)
3.I uninstalled nidswrapper (this is important)
5.choose desktop-
6.configured wifi network from MCC

KDE4!! an icy desktop experience!!!

ven  its a lil bit time is already over after the KDE4 release.. but  i have just got an opportunity to play with it..WOWOWOW!!!! marvelous !! what else i have to say.. its best of desktop experience.. completely covering the power of open source initiative and community.

panels and widgets are real eye candy and handy too. ease and use .. ready to run on the fly.

reworked user interface  is intuitive..

retouched graphical theme PLASMA and OXYGEN.. both are really icy!!!cooling mind….

Even I am a Gnome lover ,cant resist to love KDE4!!!

waiting for the GNOME  echo  for this…



Some basic tips to use internet in safe way…

Since we are living in information age, we cannot deny the importance of Internet and technology in our daily life. Like every other aspects in the human world, internet has its own bad and good face.. So here some basic guidelines to make a good and safe way of Internet usage…

Try to use Firefox instead of Microsoft IE.. Firefox has more built-in features for pop-up blocking and anti-spam ..
use the pop-up blocker always and whenever u find a pop up on ur browser, then try to close it using the parent window or using key combination ALT+F4. Some pop-ups may have contains links on the close button..
always enable the spam guard feature in ur email service. keep deleting the spam folder frequently.
delete the emails like _” u got 2000000 rs lottery ” or ” i am from russia, i want to marry u “‘ even bfore u open them..
use a very good antivirus software in ur machine and keep updating it.. if u unable purchase the legal version. then try some free version.. version of AVG
Do not download attachments which are not related to the message..for an instance, don’t download an attachment which has extension not related to picture if the msg abt the a greetings card…
always keep up-to-date ur system time. unless it may have probs to login google services like orkut etc.
do not go after links contain porn messages or links.. Do not download the porn contents from authorised sources..

last but not least, use ur common-sense when u use internet

Malayalam chat in Gmail chat(firefox plugin..)

here is tip chat in localised languge using GMail chat in firefox.
all you have to do is to install the add on on firefox named >Google Indic Transliteration 1.0.6

Just restart your firefox and open the gmail chat.. it will show u the options for the installed languages. Choose Malayalam from it and start chatting …


CTRL+ALT+DEL in linux…

its a hypothetical situation. but in some odd situations , tux may hang ur in such situations , u can give a hand to ur machine by using a safe key.. here is the way u go..
(the below tip is based on gnome0…..kde users please excuse ..)

system->preference->keyboard shortcuts

choose custom short cut..
and create a new menu .. put name for the command as safe switch or u can use any thing u like .. and in the command section, u just fill with “gnome-system-monitor” without quots

close the menu and go back to desktop..
and whenever some windows or tux hang ur system.. fire ur safe key.. it show u there a window in which u can see the current running process. just choose the process u need close and close it..
the picture will show how to close the crashed firefox..

safe key

safe key

Mandriva 2009 spring….

A user review of new spring over the Linux world.. Mandriva 2009 spring

wel.. ahem.. i dint like on the first touch.. i am a mandriva lover and Gnome fanatic and was using the mandriva 2009 since last few months.. i was quite happy with tt.. but i couldnt stop the flow or hormone to try with new Spring when igot the DVD.. so i spinned on ma DVD drive.. well after the easy installation step.. first look was so sad.. the background is so dark.. i dont like the artwork..

but after some customizations and some hand touches, i made this into a real spring.. now i am so happy with this.. every desktop user must use this Mandriva .. it is the only one opponent to the Ugly Ubuntu.

features like:-

gnome2.26 ( default browsed mode in nautilus with handy features..
Empathy– It let u make voice and video calls from ur gmail account ..oilaaaaaaa

i installed google gadgets and after that my desktop seems like (more) VIsta..

so just dont be shy to enjoy this spring.

Sun acquired by Oracle..some thoughts.n

Oracle the mighty King kong acquired sun.!!!!

its a news which passed the shocking and braking waves to the entire IT industry for last few weeks.. lets look out the after effect of the little boy’s explosion.. news are heating up like Oracle gonna preserve the open source model of the Sun but it depends only with time we have to wait and see wat is Larry’s kong gonna do with the Sun flower.

as far as from the pulses of techies, Oracle is the best in this world in terms of ammunition.. it has its own Hardware(sparc core), software(open office,glassfish, netbeans etc), and middle ware(the greatest JAVA) and wat else MySql( the best open source Database.. so what next.?? this is the dream of every one in this IT world..

i am feeling so insecure abt my fav JAVA. what they gonna do with it?? apply patents and proprietary licesne??

same about MySQL.. oracle already has the mighty Database system.. so what they gonna do with this open source kid>>? will they continue feeding this fast growing , demanding kid??


if google made this , i would be happier…….

using ur windows fonts..

this tips will help u to use the MS windows fonts in Linux.
first of all, u should mount the windows C:\ directory , the windows files installed
to /mnt/windows_c
trace tot he windows fonts directory, its must be on /mnt/windows_c/windows/fonts.
now edit the /etc/X11/fs/config(as a root user)
and append the following line
/mnt/windows_c/windows/fonts. make sure that u put a comma on the end of the previous line.
save and exit.
as a root user , execute this
/etc/rc.d/init.d/xfs restart

so u can use the windows true type fonts in linux.