2012. the Dooms Day… a reason to think??

2012,end of world, world disaster..


Earthquake..i survived.!!.:D:D

its the second but the biggest i have felt so far.. news saying that was mild..3.4. God.. thank you for that or fate...Earthquake...it was fun wen its mild..but it shows how brittle we human and the proclaimed Human Hood and technology everything.. we are more brittle than sand...there is nothing much we proud to be.. … Continue reading Earthquake..i survived.!!.:D:D

satellite survailliance victim.(SSV).

may be the idea is old enough.. but its a new term in psychology.. being the cousin of Internet addiction, this SSV is raging apart so fast to the people who spend much time over the Internet and smoking their brain about Gadgets and technologies.. it is a kinda mental disorder which makes a feeling … Continue reading satellite survailliance victim.(SSV).