Korora 21 – A powerful riding horse

Korora21 – A tamed Wild Horse
Korora is some thing a well trained powerful horse with all setup for the ranger  as in Fedora, the user has to take the extra effort / time.

I was a satisfied K20 user, which is the first time I got my hand laid over Korora.  I had some small issues with PulseAudio permission issues wit k20 but apart from that the experience was awesome.

so, K21 does keep that awesome impression. I chose XFCE spin, XFCE is getting better and mature, it is the new Gnone Classic.  The installation went pretty smooth and tidy. The new system logged me in very fast, faster than my other two distros (Frugalware and NetRunner 15).

Some of the points that make this Distro cooler

1. System responsiveness is strong and stable. Not bloating, lagging
2. Memory consumption is nominal
3. Excellent Theme and Icons (GreyBird)
4. I can install and Fedy for tweaking and customization
5. Fedora repositories with extra, like an Ocean, one can install any thing they need

SMPLAYER was not in the default applications. But it took just a minute to install with  yum. Same as Skype, I installed with Fedy.

Yumex is the GUI for package management, which is still Raw and Basic compared to the Debian / Arch equivalents. Hope Fedora will bring some thing cooler and easier.

So, at the end of the day, Korora 21 is just awesome distro for your general purpose computing. You can be a noon, inter or advanced. This distro surely deserves higher ranking in Distrowatch 🙂


Netrunner KDE – A Faster KDE distro than Gnome / XFCE

I would like to introduce you a not-so-popular , under-rated Gnu/Linux Distro. It is NetRunner  14. We all know KDE is the biggest resource eating DE follows by GNOME. XFCE etc. I have been using Gnome as my primary DE but swtiched to XFCE since Gnome 3. All these time, I was having heavy-resource KDE experience whenever I tried that flavor. Recently I came across this new kid on the block, NetRunner KDE. Well I would  love to tell you that  this is  the  first Time, I am experiencing that a KDE distro is surpassing a Gnome/XFCE Distro in terms of System Responsiveness.


Yes, it is super glazing fast, very much responsive, there is no more such hanging icon when you launch an app in KDE. No more glutted feeling. I am using a modest system hardware, just 2GB memory with  Intel i-family processor. After I disabled some KDE desktop effects, unwanted enhancement, then my system is super fast.


I can edit a word file in Libre Office while listening song in Clementine and browsing internet in Chromium and FireFox.  well, I can give you the word that you will love this distro too. Just try it from here


  NetRunner 14