ProcessWire CMS – A Review

There is no need for an intro about CMS in Web Word. It is popular in many names as Joomla, Drupal and mighty WordPress. Though name and approach differs, all of them serve on purpose : Manipulate the Data > Store & Retrieve to display. The Model : View : Controller paradigm is the industry standard structure of most of all CMS.

Well, we have WordPress, Joomla and Drupal but sometimes its good to check out alternatives. Lets take a look over a simple CMS called ProcessWire.

ProcessWire in short ( PW ) is actually a popular CMS, slowly coming out of the shadows of mighty other CMS fellows. PW stands between a pure PHP framework and Full Featured CMS for example ( Concrete 5 ) . PW ships with very minimal and basic functionalities of a Framework but can be extended to any requirement via modules and custom coding. A very important feature of PW is it has no template language. You can code yourself the way you need to display the data.

I know, its a topic of debate : the use of template engine ; but this is all about choice. There are CMS which uses template engine, which does not ; support both.

PW has the philosophy : Everything is a page. Yes, inside PW everything is a page though we can use it as per the requirement. There are 3 main components in PW.

  • Page : serves as the actual page of website. ( home, about, contact )
  • Field : serves as field types ( images, files, forms, text area etc )
  • Template : The structure of data visualization – you can use different templates for different pages or one template for many pages.

So the idea is simple, Build a page with fields in a particular way which is a template. Then call the PW to display it. One another good note of ProcessWire is, no need to tamper with Databases. Whichever fields, we create via Admin, corrspoding tables and types will be created in database. Easy right ?

Like, I said, ProcessWire is somewhat between a framework and CMS ; there are some pitfalls. For examples, there is no site wide settings or global parameters like Site name, Site logo which often we know in WordPress. But its not a big thing for a developer, one can always assign a logo, title for the home page and call it in all other pages dynamically. PW is useful to create medium level websites, as company corporate, NGOs, schools etc. But it is not limited, the real power of PW lies in the core API, which can be used as a Web Application Framework to any extend. Your imagination is the only limit.

ProcessWire image library is really a strong arsenal. A lot of image manipulations are possible. The API is really vast, you can refer the long list of tools here :

ProcessWire is an open source project with Mozilla Public License. The documentation is good and the community is so active. No need to be afraid of being alone 😉

Here is one website, I have done in ProcessWire :


Invite all friends to LIKE your page in facebook


facebook പേജ് ലേക്ക് നിങ്ങളുടെ എല്ലാവരുടെയും friends നെ ഒറ്റയടിക്ക് invite ചെയ്യാൻ കഴിയില്ല. ആ ഫീച്ചർ ഇപ്പോൾ facebook നിർത്തി. ചില സാഹചര്യങ്ങളിൽ അത്തരം ആവശ്യം നടപ്പിലാക്കാൻ ഒരു ചെറിയ trick .
നോട്ട്: chrome ബ്രൌസർ ഉപയോഗിക്കുക, ഡെസ്ക്ടോപ്പ് / ലാപ്ടോപ് ഉപയോഗിക്കുക , ബ്രൌസർ ഇൽ ജാവാസ്ക്രിപ്റ്റ് enable ആയിരിക്കണം
1. invite ചെയ്യേണ്ട പേജ് ഇൽ പോകുക . (
2. click Invite friends to like this Page ചെയ്യുക,എന്നിട്ട് ബ്രൌസേരിന്റെ  അഡ്രസ്‌ ബാർ  പോയി
3. താഴെയുള്ള ജാവാസ്ക്രിപ്റ്റ് കോഡ് അതുപോലെ തന്നെ copy എടുത്തു, ബ്രൌസർ ന്റെ അഡ്രസ്‌ bar ഇൽ പേസ്റ്റ് ചെയ്യുക. ശ്രദ്ധിക്കുക, സ്പേസ് , വൈറ്റ് സ്പേസ് ഈ കോഡിന്റെ ഇടയില വരാൻ പാടിലാ. javascript: മുതൽ അവസാനം വരെ ഇടയ്ക്കു വൈറ്റ് സ്പേസ് ഒന്നും തന്നെ ഇല്ല

please click here to get javascript code

4. പേജ് അഡ്രസ്‌ bar enter ബട്ടൺ അടിക്കുക

now the invite process will start. Sit back and relax !!

MAIL function with OpenCart

Sometimes , email function with OpenCart may not work. You would wonder what  went wrong. Here is a simple tip. Go to your Store Settings, then click on Mail tab, check the mail parameter  option.

input the parameter like this



please note that  ‘-F’ is  very important, and no spaces between, in front or after that.

15th IFFK film festival in Trivandrum..Little Rose

Little Rose:- a Polish movie, trying to cover up the Soviet Invaded Days of Poland.. A triangular love story of a Young lady, a novelist and the Secret service agent… After we have seen so many anti-socialist movies, this film fails to make us any feeling about it.. though it have some “hot” scenes wat some ppl expect, I would give it a straight 3/10 points..:P..

btw.. Opening show was cool and lots of collections in Kairali..:P

Mandriva2010 Spring.. a fresh minty bre …

Mandriva2010 Spring..
a fresh minty breeze again…..
…I used almost all Linux Distro(both debian n rpm based).But each time, I tend back to Mandriva…I dnt know why every one saying Ubuntu as the number one desktop distro.. but in my personal experience, Mandriva beats Ubuntu:-
1.faster boot
2.quick response.
3.better fonts.
4.default wide range software
5. large repository media(Free DVD version)..

only point ubuntu may be better as in Graphical themes.. but its bcoz lots of fans making it for ubuntu..
Mandriva surely a gem, but need more fans n fanatics..surely..