Digital Marketing – Why and How

Digital marketing is considerably less expensive than other marketing methods. Digital marketing makes it easy to comment on issues and controversies that relate to your product or your industry. In this way, you can establish yourself as an authority on such topics, leading readers to trust you, come back for more information, and eventually make a purchase.

First Impression on Lenovo Ideapad 330 Ryzen 5 Quad Core – (8 GB/1 TB HDD/DOS) 330-15ARR U Laptop

The Installation was not buttery-smooth. On first boot, Kubuntu did not pick up the GUI booting. It was getting stuck in between. So the first fix was to boot with ‘nomodeset’. If you’re reading this, you’re probably someone looking to install linux in your lenovo ideapad 330 and you may have come across the same errors as I did. So here is the fix:

Digital Divide – Digital Literacy Mission


The term "Digital Divide" refers to the difference between individuals within or outside the families, businesses and geographic areas in various socio-economic levels with regard to both their opportunities in accessing Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) and also the use of the internet for multiple purposes. This study investigates the economic, social and political consequences … Continue reading Digital Divide – Digital Literacy Mission

Why do you need an E-Commerce website for your business ?

Ecommerce is an ideal way you can take your brand from a traditional brick and mortar store to an innovative, well loved brand. By offering great products 24 hours a day along with online customer service, blogs and social media, no longer is your business one singular store, with an online presence your business can … Continue reading Why do you need an E-Commerce website for your business ?

Content Management System : Why do you need it ?

Content Management Systems, also known as a CMS, help organizations and individuals manage, create, and track content — typically just for their website(s) and application(s). This content can take the form of several different media types including, images, video, and written content. Typically, your CMS makes up the backend of your site, which will then push your content to the front-end that your visitor sees.

Dynamic Modal Popup content using Bootstrap

Say, You have a website which displays a series of Quotes or Greetings cards. Each of these panel contain unique information to display. Now you need to put this all in a single page, without any redirection to another page. Obviously Bootstrap modal popup is the one will come to your mind. But, you will … Continue reading Dynamic Modal Popup content using Bootstrap