Q&A for BA Sociology – ESO 13 – Part 3

Question: Distinguish between Religion, Science and Magic Answer : Magic and Science Relation between these phenomena is shown by Malinowski in terms of both the similarity and difference. First we give the similarities. Similarities i) Like science, magic has a specific aim related with human needs and instincts. Both are governed by a system of … Continue reading Q&A for BA Sociology – ESO 13 – Part 3

Q&A for BA Sociology – ESO 13 – Part 2

Q: Describe Collective Representation by Durkheim. definition forwarded by Durkheim (in his book Suicide) stated that ‘essentially social life is made of representations’. There is a difference between an object, and the way it is seen, the manner in which it is described, and its meaning understood commonly in a society. The object is thus … Continue reading Q&A for BA Sociology – ESO 13 – Part 2

Q&A for BA Sociology – ESO 13 – Part 1

These are compilation of Questions and Answers for the BA Sociology - ESO 13 in IGNOU Q: Radcliffe brown's concept of social structure and social function Ans: According to Radcliffe-Brown, the basic requirement of any science is a body of coherent concepts. These concepts are to be denoted by technical terms that are accepted and … Continue reading Q&A for BA Sociology – ESO 13 – Part 1

Digital Marketing – Why and How

Digital marketing is considerably less expensive than other marketing methods. Digital marketing makes it easy to comment on issues and controversies that relate to your product or your industry. In this way, you can establish yourself as an authority on such topics, leading readers to trust you, come back for more information, and eventually make a purchase.

First Impression on Lenovo Ideapad 330 Ryzen 5 Quad Core – (8 GB/1 TB HDD/DOS) 330-15ARR U Laptop

The Installation was not buttery-smooth. On first boot, Kubuntu did not pick up the GUI booting. It was getting stuck in between. So the first fix was to boot with ‘nomodeset’. If you’re reading this, you’re probably someone looking to install linux in your lenovo ideapad 330 and you may have come across the same errors as I did. So here is the fix:

Digital Divide – Digital Literacy Mission


The term "Digital Divide" refers to the difference between individuals within or outside the families, businesses and geographic areas in various socio-economic levels with regard to both their opportunities in accessing Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) and also the use of the internet for multiple purposes. This study investigates the economic, social and political consequences … Continue reading Digital Divide – Digital Literacy Mission