Qt : A cross platform framework for commercial applications

Qt is a cross-platform application and UI framework for developers using C++ or QML, a CSS & JavaScript like language. Qt Creator is the supporting Qt IDE. Qt Cloud Services provides connected application backend features to Qt applications

What do you get with Qt?

A complete cross-platform software framework with ready-made UI elements, C++ libraries, and a complete integrated development environment with tools for everything you need to develop software for any project. Sounds good?

Tools and IDE

Qt Creator comes with a wide range of integrated tools for both developers and designers. You can design your UI, write your code and much more in one cross-platform IDE. Feel like prototyping? Just press play.

Libraries & APIs

Develop faster and smarter with Qt’s Intuitive and comprehensive libraries and APIs. Never worry about dependencies: We are updating and future-proofing constantly!

1M+ developer community

Qt has an active community which supports you with whatever challenge you may have. You will never feel alone.

Code less, create more, deploy everywhere. Write your source code once, build and watch it run on any operating system and hardware. It’s truly cross-platform.Design for tomorrow, deliver today. Embrace the complete freedom to design tomorrow’s UIs. Use drag-and-drop tools, declarative QML or imperative C++ – the choice is yours.

Qt takes the hassle out of programming and ‘it just feels right’. It’s intuitive, has all the tools you need, comprehensive documentation and full support from a kick-ass community.

Areas where Qt shines :

Embedded Devices : Create C++ embedded software with fluid and responsive 2D/3D UIs for nearly any hardware. Deliver native performance across a wide range of operating systems with fast cross-platform development.

Internet of Things : From connected devices with high-performance graphics to non-GPU long-life battery UIs, Qt is fully scalable to help you squeeze every last drop of performance out of your hardware.

Mobile : Reuse your Qt code in a companion app or create the hottest new 3D game – whatever you need, Qt runs flawlessly on multiple platforms including iOS and Android.

Automotive : Create HMIs for in-vehicle infotainment (IVI), digital instrument clusters & heads-up displays (HUD) that run on one single SoC.

Automation : Design automation systems for smart factories, homes, building and services that integrate with other systems, sensors and triggers. Qt can connect to any thing.

Set-top-box & DTV : Extend your brand across multiple screens with hybrid programming and HTML5, deploy on a wide range of hardware and get cost-efficient maintenance.
Find out how Qt supports STB & DTV development
Medical : Create safe and certified medical devices that comply with IEC 62304 & ISO 14971 and run real-time operating systems (RTOS) on off-the-shelf hardware.
Explore how Qt is the smart choice for your medical project

So what are the catches ? Let see.

  • Qt is innovate
  • Qt is Fun
  • Qt is open source
  • Qt is Alive and backed with dynamic community.

So think Qt when you think about your next application project !