Plasma Mobile : time to look beyond Android

Its all about alternatives, when it comes to the technology, the possibility of alternatives makes the spirit intact. Microsoft, the first and biggest monopoly leader in IT world. But  they are fading into the curtain history.  Google changed the texture of Operating System. Android brought the mobility in all meaning.

Now, so many versions of honeycombs, jellybeans are out. All of those juicy flavors are already set. Its time to analyze the clear picture. Android is slightly growing into the specter of Microsoft. We all use Android, have to obey those mighty Google Services. We have no idea how much data mining they are doing in our mobile, though if we know, we dont have anything to do, we dont know whats going on.

Another hiccup of Android world, is the development. In order to create a simple android app, we have to install GigaBytes of Android Studio, and keep updating chunks of another GBs.

May be, its time to look beyond Android. Guess what, a few people already did. Here we can read about of those onlookers. Check Plasma Mobile

The team behind this mobile OS, is no one else but that ‘Kool ‘ KDE !. Yeah, your most eyecandy Linux DE is coming to your mobile screen too.


KDE Plasma is the next generation DE implementation. Lots of feature filled plasma shell produce mouthwatering performance to the User. All of those features a Desktop/Laptop enjoys, we can taste all in a mobile screen too.


Key features and notable points about KDE’s Plasma Mobile can be summarized as below:

  • Free and open source mobile OS
  • Based on Kubuntu, with an Android graphics driver it runs on top of the Wayland display server
  • Privacy focused
  • Just like desktop version, customization and personalization is also
  • focus of Plasma Mobile
  • Plasma apps and widgets
  • Ubuntu touch apps
  • Sailfish apps (proposed)
  • Nemo apps (proposed)
  • Android apps (proposed)




check this video also :


Is Plasma Mobile only the onlooker beyond Android ?  No. There a few other brave vikings too. View below :

There is nothing wrong with Android, but… some times too much mining is a wrong thing…


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