Editing/Customize Concrete 5 Theme

Concrete 5 is an awesome CMS, yeah I know I write this post in my wordpress blog :P. But aside of that, c5 is seriously a rock solid tool for building  corporate project.  There is a good strong community to help your issues and doubts as well.

I want to share one small tip with you, that is editing/customizing a theme in Concrete 5. The general method is to over ride the theme packed with c5 which means a core theme. Full tutorial is here.

But you might get into an issue ‘new edited theme is not listed in the dashboard’ or ‘concrete 5 new theme is not visible in dashboard.’


In such case, please consider following tips to make it work

Example, If you want to use “elemental” theme as starting point do this:
Copy this folder




and change folder name to “test”
then change:



This is my first template

then change


first three lines

namespace Application\Theme\Test;
use Concrete\Core\Page\Theme\Theme;
class PageTheme extends Theme{

and change


line 6 to:

@import "../../../css/build/core/include/mixins.less";


Hope it helps. Happy Concreting !!