Webcam issues Mageia and Fuduntu

Mageia is the latest rockstar child pacing to fame day by day. It has every legendary qualities of great OS Mandriva Linux. I am sharing a tip about an issue with uvcwebcam(Mostly with Logitech and integrated webcams) with mageia. You may know about the webcam driver using this command

# dmesg

then check for webcam device.

I have installed Mageia 2 and faced a little problem that whenever I start a webcam enabled application such as cheese or skype, system crach. Well, this could be fixed in some easy steps.

Open the file /etc/modprobe.conf

add the this line

options uvcvideo nodrop=1

now save file and fire this command

# rmmmod uvcvideo

# modprobe uvcvideo

Then every thing will be perfect. Enjoy the Mageia experience.

Note :- This same issue will happen in OpenSuse 12.2/ Fedora/ Fuduntu Same method has to be followed to solve the issue, only difference is

instead of editing /etc/modprob.conf, you have to create a new file as uvcvideo.conf in /etc/modprobe.d/ directory. Fill the content of this file as stated above line. The do the rmmod and modeprob steps.

This should be a fix.

6 thoughts on “Webcam issues Mageia and Fuduntu

  1. hi tanks for your solution
    i put this commands and works but the problem is after 5 minutes the webcam crash
    i use mageia 2 because is the best solution for my hardware (cpu N2600 graphics 3650) kernel 3.6.0 and test in ubuntu 12.04 kernel 3.4.0 -1 -generic
    testing in skype,cheese and guvcview
    webcam is feya tecnlogies 090c
    any solution??

    1. can you try these options below :-

      rmmod uvcvideo;
      modprobe uvcvideo nodrop=1;
      echo “options uvcvideo nodrop=1” > /etc/modprobe.d/uvcvideo.conf

      and this step

      Edit this :- /usr/sbin/nvidia-173xx-config-display, change self.vendor = ‘nvidia-17xx’ to self.vendor = ‘nvidia’.

  2. hello again
    im not have the file nvidia-173xx-config-display in diretory /usr/sbin my machine is Atom N2600 graphics onboard its like EEpc but OEM.
    I think the version of Kernel is the problem with this Webcam, but im can not change the kernel because the only work correct is generic, if the kernel is generic-PAe not work (ubuntu 12.04), i upgrade my version of MAgeia 2 to Mageia 3 alpha 2 and the webcam work correctly but i have another problem from begining not have driver to wireless so i need to update to found driver realtek afther that the machine recognize the wi-fi and when I connect to a wireless network it always gives error page not found, does not support any kind of encryption?i use wep to test

    1. ok, now the issue is wireless right? well if you are able connect (are you using networkmanager for this? or netapplet?), then when you try to access, then what error shows?? no internet?

      can you post contents of your /etc/resolve.conf. Some times it must be nameserver issue. You may try with different encryption like WAP etc.

  3. My main goal was to work for the webcam on ubuntu 12.04 but I give to opt for Mageia find that despite this very green still has some bugs to resolve the windows in a resolution of 1024×600 appear at the bottom of this issue and cut the wireless on the other hand is the best graphic linux taking into account that it is a PowerVR graphics Atom N2600 3650, is the result of resolv.conf



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