Webcam issues Mageia and Fuduntu

Mageia is the latest rockstar child pacing to fame day by day. It has every legendary qualities of great OS Mandriva Linux. I am sharing a tip about an issue with uvcwebcam(Mostly with Logitech and integrated webcams) with mageia. You may know about the webcam driver using this command

# dmesg

then check for webcam device.

I have installed Mageia 2 and faced a little problem that whenever I start a webcam enabled application such as cheese or skype, system crach. Well, this could be fixed in some easy steps.

Open the file /etc/modprobe.conf

add the this line

options uvcvideo nodrop=1

now save file and fire this command

# rmmmod uvcvideo

# modprobe uvcvideo

Then every thing will be perfect. Enjoy the Mageia experience.

Note :- This same issue will happen in OpenSuse 12.2/ Fedora/ Fuduntu Same method has to be followed to solve the issue, only difference is

instead of editing /etc/modprob.conf, you have to create a new file as uvcvideo.conf in /etc/modprobe.d/ directory. Fill the content of this file as stated above line. The do the rmmod and modeprob steps.

This should be a fix.