Review Open Suse 12.2

Open Suse 12.2

For last one year, OpenSuse 11.4 is my OS. I am so satisfied with it. It features gnome2.8, may be the last distro use 2.X series.
But after reading some reviews about OpenSuse 12.2. I wanted to give a try and I did it.

12.2 is cool, fast and responsive. It has support for btrfs file system, latest kernel, latest software everything.

Pros :-

1. fast and responsive os
2. Latest kernel
3. support for btrfs
4. Awesome theme and user interface
5. Support for MATE desktop

1. skype has authentication problem. (will not log in with correct username and pass)
2. NetworkManager crashes for adding new wireless connections
3. weird dependency issues showing when smplayer installed

Review:- Its solid, super fast and mighty distro. The green chameleon is seriously worth a try.


2 thoughts on “Review Open Suse 12.2

  1. Try PCLINUXOS. I moved to pclinuxos after having problems with mandriva. Many files from mandriva can be used in pclinuxos , and very few problems!

    1. yes, PCLOS is a very much cool distro. I have used Monty Python KDE 2011. PCLOS is a cool, optimized version of Mandriva, better than Ubuntu.

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