Mageia 2 Review

After a few while, I am updating my blog, I was very much busy with work, though I wanted to post so much about life in Kuala Lampur. Anyways here goes another Techie Post.

Review for Mageia Linux 2 and OpenSuse 12.2

Mageia Linux 2

To be hones,I am so sad about the fall of Mandriva, it was the de-facto OS of mine since 2004. But recently, the glad news came up that Mageia, an original fork of Mandriva, is coming up. I did not notice about Mageia 1 but Magiea 2 seriously a show stealer, it climbed position 2 in distro-watch with minimum time. I guess even Ubuntu could not do this.

Any ways I tried Mageia 2 on laptop,unfortunately I am so not satisfied. So many reasons, first of all, Mageia has no MATE desktop support. I am an ardent user of Gnome 2.8. Its the best Desktop ever in computer history. All fonts in Magiea looks very bulky. Some pros n cons

Pros :-
1. Easy installation,provides a DVD version and a Live CD version
2. Features KDE 4.8, gnome 3 and xfce
3. Easy to add 3rd party apps and multimedia codecs from adding tainted repos.
4. Latest kernel and all hardware are supported.

1. Skype crashes when video chat enabled
2. Boot up time is little longer that it should, plymouth log shows some warnings.

Review :- Its a very good choice for newbies and intermediate users for desktop use. If you are thinking about to use Ubuntu, then you surely use this distro. Its better than Ubuntu. Mageia truly inherits all those great qualities of Mandriva. Surely you can try this one.


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