Tour De OngBak:- a trip to Thailand


This is a journey journal of my tour to Hat-yai, a small village as in the movie Ong-Bak. Remember

the action flicks of Tony Jaa.

Hat-Yai is a border town of Thailand with malaoysia though its 56 km away from emigration border called Sadao. I picked a bus from KL, which I want to tell about this Bus Terminal.. damne, this is just as an Airport terminal. awesome one. its 10 hour drive from KL to Sadao. The travel was good apart from the fact of this bus was fully heavily Air Conditioned, and I nearly went to freeze death:(….

Any how, the immigration checking was one incident, that I did not bring my photos with me, though I knew, I will get Visa on Arrival. My mistake, since I did not have photos with me, I had to spend more time than thought. So, I missed my Bus, damne….

there is how the real exploration starts.. All over thailand, you will see MotorCycle taxis which is not in India. Bike riders will come take you wherever you need. They call is Tuk-Tuk taxi..

So I picked a Bike taxi, and went to hati-Yai abt 56 KM on bike. that trip was wonderful. I think it was better than Bus trip. I felt near to Che’s MotorCycle Diaries..:)..

Inner Thailand country is very much pure and nature rich. But they keep their roads clean and good quality. This guy he took so many short cuts and so own, which I had the luck to touch inner thailand..:)

people belong to Australoid-mangloid.. pretty skinned, just like chineese, unlike malaysia, I dont find much Indian presense over thailand. Its a country still being ruled by Monarchy. Budhism is the official religion though, all other ppl are there.

Just like all other Asian countries, Thailand is very much rick with nature resources and wild life. It has very deep Indian civilisation Impact as you see Budha Idols, temples and etc.

Food in Thailand, its really chilly, they use so much chilly but really tasty offcourse.

and In Hatyai. its a small town, which only run by Tourism. and ya All know, what is their main tourism attraction!!.:).. yeah,the next moment I entered into the country, offers started to come up.:D:D:D.

you will see so many massage parlours, exotic clubs and so which have really attractive captions n offers…:)…The only sad thing all over the trip was, I did not take my camera with me..:(.. really sad..

The hotel, I stayed, Lee Garden, pretty good one, and this Bakth-Rinket conversion is good for me too. So I enjoyed two days on thailand, as I leave you thoughts of how I enjoyed..:)..



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