Tour De OngBak:- a trip to Thailand


This is a journey journal of my tour to Hat-yai, a small village as in the movie Ong-Bak, remember the super hit action flicks of Tony Jaa.

Hat-Yai is a border town of Thailand with Malaysia  which is 56 km away from emigration border called Sadao. I  got into a  full-sleeper A/C bus from Kuala Lampur,  ( this Bus Terminal looks like an Airport terminal ! ). It is 10 hour drive from KL to Sadao.

Any how, the immigration checking was one incident. Usually there are regular cross country Buses from KL to Pattaya, Bangok , people can get the Visa as on arrival from the border, there is an office, these buses will wait for some minutes for the process. My mistake was  I did not carry my photos with me, due to that I had to spend more time on the emigration office in the border than normal time. Hence my bus went on without taking me… damne… 😦

That is how the real exploration starts.. All over Thailand,  there is a taxi service called Motor Sai taxi. This is Bike Riding taxi, which a Bike rider will pick to the destination. It is the first time I saw something like this, though I have done many bike-lifts in Kerala.

So I picked a Bike taxi, and started my journey to Hat-Yai  which is my destination which is about 56 KM on bike. Oh, the bike ride was awesome, my Taxi Rider took the route via many village in roads and highways. The Inner Thailand,  this country is very much pure and nature rich. But they keep their roads clean and good quality.   I almost felt near to Che’s MotorCycle Diaries..:)..

Thai people belong to AustraloidMongloid, pretty yellowish skinned, just like Chinese.  Thailand is a country ruled by Absolute Monarchy, the Royal Dynasty. Buddhism is the official religion, the Indian Buddhist- Hindu effect is all over in their culture and art.

They have a very versatile cuisine. The food in general, very chilli but really tasty.  Just like all over Thailand, their main income source is from Tourism. Hat-Yai is not  different.  You will see so many massage parlours, exotic clubs and so which have really attractive captions n offers…:) The only sad thing all over the trip was, I did not take my camera with me..:(.. really sad..

The hotel, I stayed, Lee Garden, pretty good one with all standard room services, and I enjoyed   BahtRinggit conversion since it was really favourable for me. So that is how my  Thailand trip, which was a nice and adventurous experience.