Open Laszlo installation in Linux Mandriva

I guess you all know about OpenLaszlo, an open source RIA development framework and if you not check it here

OpenLaszlo is a powerful alternative for Adobe Flex , you can create intuitive powerful RIA based applications and web services. you can export files swf and it can work under FLASH player plugin.

read more about here

now how to install in our box.. well you have to get javaSDK 1.5 or higher. I used 1.6 then download the installer file from their website.
and read the install manual and go on…

I just wanna write down a note about installation bottle neck. since it needs Java, it will ask to export JAVA_HOME path. I tried first and I go this error as Java path cannot find..

if you get this error

# ./

The JAVA_HOME environment variable is not defined correctly
This environment variable is needed to run this program

well, if u see this, then you have export java path as

#export JAVA_HOME=/usr/local/jdk1.6.0_06/

then you can run ./

thats all..


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