Libya:- Dilemma between Devil and Sea??

Since its the hottest news after the Japanese catastrophe, seems like western countries waiting for a chance to use their aged-weapons on their arsenal.

The common people in Libya is now in a dilemma. They no longer want a dictator as Qaddafi but what they gonna have on other side?? Alien invasion?? Libya gonna be the next Iraq, a place with no government, no rules , no laws.

All these so-called upholders of democracy has one single view, to the broad pool of petrol in Libya. The current situation of world is such a trauma. Isnt this a bigger catastrophe effect of Communist-break down??

there are no alter-forces to oppose these western democratic-torch holders …. there are no good alternative than dictators/terrorist/fanatics/democratic invaders…

sad..sad… saaad……….

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