3 must have compression tools for Linux:- Mandriva

Well, Using a computer for home or business purpose, usage of compression tools are inevitable.

here we go some must have tools in Linux

Unrar:- yes, most of the web content compressed package format…

you can install unrar from Mandriva non-free repos. once installed you can use unrar package to extract rar files as this command.

#unrar e file.rar

if its an uncompleted rar file , then you can use,

#unrar e -kb file.rar this will extract and keep broken files…

7zip files

The 7-Zip app is open source, but remains Windows-only. For Linux users, the project links to a command-line client package named p7zip that provides two executables, 7z and 7za. The two have the same syntax and options, differing only in that 7za is a self-contained app compiled only for use with 7z and the essential Unix formats (tar, gzip, bzip2, etc.), while 7z uses a plugin architecture that allows it to support many additional compression formats.

The basic syntax is 7z function options filename.7z. To uncompress an archive, use 7z x myfile.7z . You can extract files from an archive with 7z e myotherfile.7z , but using the e function extracts all files to the current working directory, whereas x preserves their paths.


this is also an important tool to handle winzip files


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