Gnu Universal Linux Installer:- GULI

This a strictly a concept post. It in the level of idea stage.

We all know Gnu/Linux is a powerful operating system and very much alternative for Mac and Microsoft. But still Linux is lacking and lagging some areas. One of the worst drawback or weakness for Gnu/Linux is its package derangement. If there is no Internet connection for the desktop which installed by a Linux Distro, then adding more packages are really a pain in **sss. But in windows, we can download installer files (msi/setup.exe) and install those with out in need of an internet access. It is supposed to be the best feature of Windows OS.

now what we have in Linux world.. Sure there are APT or URPMI or zypper which are elegant package tools but still they heavily rely on Internet. well, if some one download a package say Amarok for ubuntu , two problems there,
1. we can only install in ubuntu.
2.we have to find all dependency files.

So here , we need a universal installer for Linux. Sure, there so much talk about it, since its still in the egg stage. here I have some concepts to share,
– A package installer which is in a binary format. it has two parts. 1). a binary package itself 2) all dependency files itself
for example foo.bin is a package, and one download this package and try to install, then there should be a script should check for all dependency files.
–if all dependency files are found, it can install the package.
–if not, the second part of the package, which is the dependency files should start to install, once it completes , the original package should install then.

what you guys think???

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