MTS MBLAZE usb modem in Linux

well, its time in Internet revolution in India, lots of fuzz n buzz about 3G and wireless internet possibilities… The latest kid in the block, MTS MBLAZE usb modem. It has the ZTE hardware/software which use CDMA technology.. unlike the wired/wireless connections, these piece of hardwares are really troublesome some times.. and if you are a avid fan of linux but you are in an inevitable situation to use USB internet, then dont worry.. lets tie the USB internet in linux. k..

first of all, make sure , the following programs are in ur system.. if not, install them..


you can check if its installed using synaptic/yum/urpmi or whatever package management you are using…

now.. once we have set on these…

go and create a file in /etc as wvdial.conf

put these lines of code.

[Dialer mts]
Stupid Mode = 1
Inherits = Modem0
Password = mts
Username =
Phone = #777
Init1 = ATZ
SetVolume = 0
Modem = /dev/ttyUSB0
Baud = 115200
FlowControl = Hardware (CRTSCTS)
Dial Command = ATDT

save it . now get in a terminal and type

#wvdial mts
it will show you some messages and being connected as this ..

now.. you can start browsing….

some times, this may not enough.. some kinda situations/some distros , the connections might be established, but you wont be able browse websites.. in those time, you may try

edit /etc/resolv.conf file

and those nameservers manually…

and restart the connection.. that will do

and in some situation depicted like below(please read the comment from Mr.Rajn), you can connect to the internet, but it may not possible to surf the web. Mr.Rajn kindly provided a solution for such situations
if one runs dmesg it gives long repeated list of dropped connections such as in=out=0…dest=53, IP add and dns address…etc.
Usually this means you have a firewall which is not allowing this connection.

Most Mandriva come configured with firewall called Shorewall (and is not known to everyone). Usually Shorewall is configured for net and local interfaces. For example in my case net was configured for eth0 while local was configured for lan0. This was because while at home I would connect to internet using a cable box which also served as wireless router. Hence the two choices.
However, while traveling, I had to purchase MBLAZE for connecting to net. And therefore, I had to change /etc/Shorewall/interface by adding the following after becoming superuser
net ppp0 –

reboot and
now you are all set.


24 thoughts on “MTS MBLAZE usb modem in Linux

  1. Hi
    Thanks a ton for your posting on Mblaze working on Mandriva. In fact yours is the only site which reports the USB working on this distro and this was good news for me because I use Mandriva more often than Ubuntu which is the second distro on my computer.
    However, with Ubuntu I am able to connect and surf but with Mandriva I am able to connect – but not able to surf. I have also followed your advice of looking up resolv.conf.
    But I already see the nameservers listed in it and they match the ones which I see listed on the terminal when I do wvdial.
    I will appreciate any clue as to why I cannot surf the web. Is it possible that some usb devices are blacklisted in modprobe and I cannot find it.
    I also checked to see that /var/ppp/resolv.conf is linked to etc/resolv.conf and therefore everything seems to be fine.
    I also made sure that I am not offline.
    In the lib/udev/rules.d one of the files called 40-usb_modeswitch rules was missing. I just copied it from Ubuntu and placed it in Mandriva thinking this could be an issue. But even this did not help.
    So if you have any other trick up you sleeve please let me know,
    Thanks again for your post. It at least helped me get connected. Moreover, I have also installed the Mblaze window which pops up and I can actually see my balance and my phone number suggesting that I am getting linked. But as soon as the web surf window comes up the mblaze window shows that my connection is in the sleep mode and no bytes are getting transmitted or received.

  2. ok. seems like a lil more hand touch needed.I will check on it and let u know ASAP.
    btw, sorry for the late response.

  3. It looks nice to read above inf. I am also trying to install mts blaze in Linux Mint 11. Thanks for giving such important information.

  4. Hi,

    Tanx man!! It really helped me in working with the Mblaze stuff on ma mandriva distro.
    It was not a quite good journey for me while working with the mblaze in mandriva.

    Initially stuCk for getting the right packages for mblazeand once the connection was made not able to browse. Then thought maybe i should brush up ma skills in configuring mblaze and the USB “No idea”. Finally thought of re-installing mandriva but thought googling it. And some right keyword combination listed your post on first page.


  5. wbdial.conf got automatically created when I installed the .deb file for wvdial. So I removed all the lines and pasted what you have suggested. When I ran #wvdial mts nothing happened. I am using linux mint. Any suggestions?

  6. @Harsh..

    1. you sure that your DataCard is being detected ?(try lsusb or tail -f n30 /var/log/messages)
    2, you have the usb-modswitch installed right?(search for modswitch)
    3. can you show me the output messages in your terminal?

    4. Did you try networkmanager applet in the desktop panel?

  7. Can you please help me on installing usb-modeswitch and usb-modeswitch-data in CentOS 6 . I tried to download the rpm packages but failed to install as it seems that have got circular dependencies.

    1. Sorry for the late reply. If you are using centOS. Use the Native package manager than downloading rpm files. pls use the command # yum install usb-modeswitch, then it will automatically resolve dependencies.

  8. Hi,
    I am trying to connect to internet through mblaze .i installed the rpms provided with the modem.Now I also followed the steps written in your blog.
    But it is not getting connected.
    After I edit the file wvdial.conf and run sudo command for wvdial it displays the below message:
    –>Wvdial :Internet dialer version 1.60
    –>Cannot open /dev/usbmon0:Inapppropriate ioctl for device
    –>Cannot open /dev/usbmon0:Inapppropriate ioctl for device
    –>Cannot open /dev/usbmon0:Inapppropriate ioctl for device

    In var/log/messages it says:
    winscard.c :309:SCardConnect() Reader E-Gate 0 0 Not Found.

    Pls help

  9. @Shubhasis .. the message you are getting shows that the device is not recognized as a modem yet.As you know that these USB dongles are recognized as USB storage device first then after some time, it will change the state into Modem. I recommend you to uninstall the RPMs came through with the USB. Then disconnect the USB, eject it. after the reboot, connect it. and open your terminal and look at your # tail – f /var/log/messages. Just wait for 5 or more minute. If you see the message the device state is changing, then only , u can fire up the command. btw, if you are using Mandriva or OpenSuse as your OS, use the network manager to connect than doing this manual way. Install network manager to your OS configure modem using it than command line. it works.. wishes…

    1. OpenSuse 11.3 is two releases older version of current version 12.1. Anyways, in opensuse, if you are using Gnome as your desktop, then you will have NetWorkManager as a tool in Internet section menu. You can see that as a tooltip in your bottom-toolbar(or top).check for ENABLE networking. then connect the USB datacard, wait for the signal, then add a new broadband connection, choose mobile broadband, fill required info as username, dial number etc. If everything will go smooth, you should be able to browse. If not, please post lsusb messages or try the Mandriva way. wishes..

  10. Woah this blog is excellent i really like reading your articles. Stay up the good paintings! You recognize, a lot of individuals are looking around for this info, you can help them greatly.

  11. Currently Mts has been Collapsed in India my modem is of no use wat should i do to replace its Software with another usb modem software

  12. Hi
    I wanted to connect mts mbaze in opensuse 12.2. But when I type wvdial it shows following result:
    linux-58ep:/home/atanu # wvdial
    –> WvDial: Internet dialer version 1.60
    –> Initializing modem.
    –> Sending: ATZ
    –> Sending: ATQ0 V1 E1 S0=0 &C1 &D2 +FCLASS=0
    ATQ0 V1 E1 S0=0 &C1 &D2 +FCLASS=0
    –> Modem initialized.
    –> Sending: ATDT#777
    –> Waiting for carrier.
    –> No Carrier! Trying again.

    please can you help me?

    1. No carrier usually means

      1. no range / signal for the device
      Most prolly, this would be signal strength issue. Try to connect the device in a better signal strength place. If not, try to update your wvidal package and try. Best wishes

  13. Hello,
    I tried some of these kind of steps in cent os 5 for installing D-Link DWM 156 (for idea network) but it throws me some kind of error

    when I checked lsusb the device is listed but after the configuration unable to proceed further with the commands so please somebody can help me…????

    1. CentOS is your distro ? well, then you might have NetWorkManager installed your machine. Please install if its not there. It will take care of Mobile Internet Connections. The steps in my post are actually a bit old, that time Distros were not able to detect USB-Internet automatically. Now its no more an issue.

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