Identity consciousness

swathwa bodham aka Identity consciousness is one of the hot topic for these various weeks.. but no one hit the exact circle of point .. every one where loud a about communist party and its so much loud class war proforma. but as its in Indian society , casts define class.. not the financial/education entities..There is a distinction between A Dalit millionaire and Non-Dalit millionaire… the real talk about Identity consciousness should be focused on Dalit Identity … most of the time,Dalits are persuaded to run away from their identity… no one wants to real out their Dalit ID in a public forum..hiding cast column in application forms is a normal situation..even in this issue, medias are celebrating identity consciousness talk in out side of the Dalit field.. NO one want mention about it even… Dalit members in Communist parties are more confused that Muslims/chritians or any other Religious based members…They are more even forced to be parallelised from the premium social talk.. this is the most important identity paradox.


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