Mandriva2010.0. a user experience..

Ego:- " Its here..Mandriva2010.." Cons:- "So you can enjoy it before that mighty 2012 will strike:-D.. Mandy has grown up very mature fast and reliable on this edition. I installed the gnome version and played around a lil bit.( I am using 2009 spring as my working desktop). Gnome desktop is really cute and clean … Continue reading Mandriva2010.0. a user experience..


One State for Every one….a polylogue..

Ego:- Great but bad news for the governing sector. Seed for a new state planted after so much strikes..Telungana , taking birth from the Andrapradesh.. Conscious:- marvelous!!.. So this could be a new beginning for Telungana people.. It would be nice to live in a new state with new habitat..-:) Subconscious:- Its a bad news … Continue reading One State for Every one….a polylogue..