Some of the English poems..(just trash!!)

screams over the brain, makes me brittle over pain.
sky just falling over , no matter how hard i try to recover
tears pealing out of eyes….
years so fast going on ….

feeling and devotion , not always come in motion.
praise me baby if u need to go for heaven..
wonder how do make life without those..
come across the river , wen u feel it close….

You are the one i love…
i see this dreams, fall down on rain ..
make me feel like i am our of heaven..
covers the sky,tears flowing high
all under the sun when i stand under the stars
.You are the one I LOVE!!!

ohh..the lights are gone..silence crawls ..
into my ears , make such tune where i never forget…
all i have got, all i have made, make no pints of it…
coz in my veins ,pain feel like heaven..
i need enough loneliness…

remember those dark nights..lightning all arounds
freaking dreams made flashes..clearing my gaze..
gime route to connect the space between
and ur voice all i heard, that i got wat i have seen…

in every loss, every tears ..
in each regret, each sin , i made..
i would pay my blood
to take my soul from livelyhood..


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