Vandemataram.. anti-islamic??

There is a recent buzz about a new that some of the news “The Jamiat-e-Ulema-e-Hind on Tuesday supported a decree against the national song ‘Vande Mataram’ on the grounds that some of its lines were ‘against the religious principles of Islam’.”


””””Some of its lines are of course against the religious principles of Islam. We cannot bow before anybody other than the Allah. It is un-Islamic,” Moulana Muizuddin of the Jamiat said.””””””

“”””We love our mothers. Islam doesn’t even permit bowing before mother. We love the Prophet but we cannot even bow before him.”””””


“””Maulana Salman, who teaches at the Deoband seminary, said: “We are true Muslims and true Indians. There is no doubt about that. But we no longer remain Muslims when we offer our prayers to anybody else than the Allah. Patriotism is not only about singing songs. We are and will remain Indians without singing Vande Mataram.”””””


So the picture is clear…As we know , there are two type of nationality. or national integrity. One is with the nation and other with the  religion.. There is not much countries in the world  which are poly religious or Secular,. most of the countries have single national religion..but in  india, its different and unique country in its own way. India might  be the only one country has these much diversities on religion and languages and culture in a single country..

but here  we have survived and stood unite last these years .,. we  have been walking together to our future, no mater wat religion, language culuter we belongs to..

but here come the biggest question… Wen it comes to the National integrity, what should be ur premium preference??  Should nt we take our religious ,culutural,language  things apart and fight against and common enenmy or fight for  our common need??


or on the other hand.. is it true that singing national anthem  is not exactly wat patriotism means?>??


One thought on “Vandemataram.. anti-islamic??

  1. yes the situation u highlighted is pathetic RELIGION coming above all when even one of the followers of religion r not on the right path . in Muslim itself how many of them r drinking alcohol when the religion bans it how many of r doing namas when religion stresses it they r not looking into their flaws else blame the n looking at hate the surrounding

    religion must be banned it is out dated uselesss

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