Love Jihad love Crusade. love Thrisool!!

So here we got the headline, the catastrophe of the millennium ,Love jihad. This is the latest but most effective weapon from Terrorists.. Emotions are the  best let check this out ,..

Here we go what our medias( some medias!!) and our government agencies saying( there are no clear cunt evidence yet!!)..

Love  jihad, its the codenamed secret mission from the islamic terrorists. Its main aim is to convert  girls from other religions( note the point) convert into Islam on the  shadow of love and then once they are  converted , these girls will be used as sexual slaves to terrorists.. seems like  pretty hollywood blockbuster, isnt it??..there were huge numbers of conversions are already happened.. some rumor airing  that the famous writer madhavikkutti(Kamala Surayya) was on of the victim of this project..

I am sure  your mouth might be open now!!.lol.. But just think about the social/political effect..

This incident/rumor is the best weapon  for religious fanatics can get.This is the best path they can feed their religious agenda. Recently the news came thatr KCBC and NNS making stand against this issue..but  I wonder how these poeple gonna  fight with this things??? there are only few ways..

1.Ban  all inter religious love relationships.

2.Preach Women in hindu/Xian that never fall in love with an Islamic guy..

3.Do not make love relationships!(but if u must then always love within your religion ( if u can, within  your cast)..

etc  etc…what other possible ways to  oppose this ?? Love Jihad?? . No one can digg  up a human mind.. :)..

On the flip side, there are some notable issues.. first , all these NSS,KCBC watver, people got fire on their tails, now .. only whenever this became a religious issue..They  trying to close their eyes towards other issues.. Number religious conversion happened ,(supposed to be) .. in allegation … but the number of Girls missing cases, rape,  murder and Sex trafficking , there are higher higher than this so called Love JIhad crap… but any single religious Leader  moved their sword against this..There are number of Women harassment ,torturing happening inside  every religion ..Sexual trafficking still being the biggest successful business in this world..Church/Temple has no word against it.,. but it always count only if it hurt the    religion.. If a girl is murdered, raped .. then its fine but if she got converted into another religion, then thats the crappiest thing in this world..???..seems like that how  things going to …

I dont understand whats this is all about.. all fuzzes about Love Jihad..  even bfore this term coined”Love Jihad”, there were always, still there,, sex rackets.. why no fuzz against them??… notable point is that , every one talking about girls.. no one worries about guys.. seems Loe Jihad has no women wing..( or men are so stronger??!!!)…


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