GulMohar..Unheard ThunderBolt of Spring…

GulMohar.. its malayalam movie..its not typical movie.. this movie themed with in remembrance of lost expectations of the yesterday youths. Those hopes are in alive for ever though…i would like to write some thing about this movie bcoz it has a sinusoidal clocking over a recent issue in kerala.The chengara Land struggle.. when i am writing this, Chnegara land struggle has over.. its oppressed thats whats more suitable to say..

“”IF a crime happen in a town, there should be a riot bfore the dawn””..

its a lost slogan.. there are so many crimes happenings,, but there is no single riot..

its a catastrophe ir black humour that , a political party who came in power due to land struggles in past, they are now opposing for the very land struggle..its the irony..

thats what this film depicts.. its draws the broken dreams of youths who threw their life for Thunderbolts of Spring…it also shows how revolutionary movements can be bent… How the parasided people still being ignored..there cry for spring is unheard .. again .. and again..


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