Onam. a CounterReading..

So here comes, Mallus own national festival Onam, no matter whichever religions or cults we belong to, every mallu enjoys and celebrate as a birthday…Counting on the financial side, Onam is equal to 10 Grand Shopping Festivals..its mega time for buying.. nowadays Onam has mutilated more into a business aspect than from a Emotional side…everything molded to a commodity manner we can buy ..

Onam is just a Shopping Festival..

now lets take a look over that old cliche story.. mahabali and vamanan… i just got some excerpts over the theme of this story…Most of our religious stories have a moral side..Moral of story.. but i cannot get wats the moral of this Onam..

as far from the story, kingdom of Mahabali ,was a good and prosperous one ..from our saying .. “” no lies, no fake units”..but then why this vamanan( mahavishnu) destroyed it?? he is supposed to be a good one .. on the side of Devas..all of the reason , from the story is , Mahavishnu did that only for Indra..another Deva king.. some interesting thing in this theme is , its matches with current world… USA is trying to polarize this world into Unipolar.. They dont need any other good countries.. Or good rules…IF any good thing one this earth, it should be done by USA….they blame china and Cuba but cover Iraq and Guantanamo.. i never know Mahavishnu has a direct relation with USA Foreign Affairs department..

From this theme.. both USA/Capitalist powers and Mahavishnu .. they both speak language of the Wolf to the lamb, in that old story.. and making this clear..

Moral of the Story..
Power Does Matter!!!..and Powerful will make law and weak will obey..!!


3 thoughts on “Onam. a CounterReading..

  1. Nice Post ! It’s true that powerful will make law and rule, but the question is for how long. Take a simple example of Britain, who ruled india for years using their power but ultimately they have to quit india just because the efforts of Gandhi through his non-violence and principles he has followed in the freedom struggle and his life. Eventhough india was not powerful Britishers has to go back just because that truth lies with india. So money and power has it’s own limits but not for truth and good principles. That is the reason world still respect & remember good people like Mother Teresa, Vivekananda, Gandhi etc…

  2. i have a word on that …I dont believe its bcoz of Gandhi , British with india..wat if Hitler ruled India?? u think Hitler would run away bcoz Somebody fasts.. well there were so many other reason.. Britain lost so much money from WW2. and a different govt came in Britain.. so many reasons..British could have ruled India as long as they needed, but they just gave up according to the social situation..

    well i value and respect all other words u wrote.. Happy Onam.!!

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