Divorce and Abortion..Social Malice..

as per the statistics, the number of divorce cases and abortions are increasing from year to year from the last 3 years..this is a very crucial situation and going to make long-affected distractions to the kerala civil society..

its true that in a republic country, there is a right for these things.. getting divorced and abortion.. but tid clear indication to the infected state of civil society..so called Kerala morality and all other virtues are just standing like Fakedolls.

Young generation need some serious therapy.. there is a big space for consulting abt moral values..

a common keralite has lost the mindset for uplifting social situations and overcoming hurdles..Issues like these are not happening only inside high-society life field… but every where… changing lifestyle, speedy, rapid information ,, so many factors pacing through… we need to cure this very effective.. unless, this will lead into a real catastrophe..


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