Beauty contests and the business..

A new buzz all over kerala about the up coming beauty contest in kerala.. MissKerala..

there is a pros and cons about this issue.. in fact .. its true that a heavy purposeful lobby is hiding back over these materialistic events..its large market share over the kerala based over the beauty cosmetic  products.. its the  part of capitalistic society to keep the want high over the product, only to catch the market share u.. and its true that, there would be some bad  situations may occurs after through these things.. leads to human trafficking or sexual uses etc..

apart form these, come to the moral side of these issues.. so many ppl screaming that kerala /malayali womanhood is over the deck.. i dont find any reasons over that.. how can we say that Beauty contestant are the root reasons of our moral fall..there are so many other issues we have to  pull over eye.. increasing level of divorce cases in kerala.. increase in  level of abortion and orphans.. we gotta try to fix these things rather than rallying against Beauty contests..

beauty contest are part of the materialist capitalistic world..we are part of it and we are livinfg in it.. we cannot jump over that..better we could switch the neutral way..

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