freedom and humanity..

After all heavy buzz of free beer in technology, its time to think beyond what actually free beer  can produce..

freedom!! its a word of power. it has some power inside..freedom is humanity..all in our life , every human needs to be free.. enjoy the open  sky..

open source software   have the freedom in its defenition.. sharing and co-operation .. thats the basic and prominent  thriving energy to build  up human cutlure and evolution.. our world is not built by one man.. our world is not built in one day..

we are the nly one spcecies who has the ability to overcome natural choice.. to survive the fittest.. huaman race survived with cooperatrion and sharing knowledge..but sadly now, the world turns into a fight club.. every one fighting for it.. so we have two choices…

one to  fight each other and survive .. second to coperate each other let the other to survive too..we should take the second .. its so close to humanity.. its more meaningful..not only in technology.. in every aspect of our life.. lets put our hand together.. lets enjoy our freedom.. lets co-operate and survive together..happy freeedom..

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