a new musical experience..

latest news for musical folks… u dont need worry abt DRM anymore..u dont need curse the copy right licenses.. yu dnt need to kill yr time on p2p networks,,, here it goes… open source music,,, .. a new musical experience…

its a first initiative of its kind in malayalam. a group a music loving people gathered together and created an open music album.. this initiative produced by eminent Malayalam bloggers and … written and directed by the poeple and produced for the people.. u can taste this musical wine as “free Beer” and u can contribute back by your own skills. its a creative common license protected share alike initiative . the the first album has released with some nice musical experience..

“chat roomile chadni” … its my personal favorite.. it depicts a vivid picture of the cyber generation ..:P
a very innovative work.. i wish all the success to the team.

so now its your turn ….
do u have a musician inside u ??
are u a poet??
just run over here.. make ur contributions,,, and enjoy the harmony,…


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