Open Source and Communism

Is it interlinked?? there so hot coffee debates going on based on many opposing many proposing..

in my opinion.. the idea of open source is same to the idea of communism..the fundamental basic of communism is the sharing, co-operation…

same as that… Open source idea is just for sharing the knowledge..learn form giving and taking , completely co-operating the knowledge…

so counting all of these , open source is a communist idea.. but not completely..coz communism is a real material situation which is not applied yet…and this open source initiative is just a pioneer to that world at least in cyber world i think ..

adding some thing at the end… even we know ,, there are enormous support and pros for the open source initiative .. but i doubts how many people really support this bcoz of the idea behind it.. most of the people yelling for open source bcoz of that “free-Beer” part in that …am i right?

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