i dont know how many times i have seen these movie.. i already know scene by scene and dialogues by heart..;P .
but love to watch them again and again.. whenever they will be aired on TV, i would be nailed on the sofa..:P..
the matrix.. its more than a movie .. its a concept.. its propagates a different philosophy…reality versus fantasy.. myth and truth…
the definition of real… its just only the electro neuron pulses which produced by our brain due to the inputs of our senses….hence its just relative.. relative to the world we live, the situations and surroundings we feel..its hall of fame debate….

apart from the retina-freezing action scenes, this movie has some thing inside it… its concept.. even this concept is there already in our world so long ago.. but porting this into a movie dimension is some thing great..


2 thoughts on “Reality…Fantasy….

  1. this movie have inspired me too

    realy it is a present worlds refluction

    here the metrix is created by religions n people r living in it where as the real world is above that the religion

    if u have similer view contact me me may have some thing to share

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