satellite survailliance victim.(SSV).

may be the idea is old enough.. but its a new term in psychology.. being the cousin of Internet addiction, this SSV is raging apart so fast to the people who spend much time over the Internet and smoking their brain about Gadgets and technologies..

it is a kinda mental disorder which makes a feeling that we are just being under surveillance of some group or person.. it might be seems like a kids story to the readers but for the victims, this is a serious issue,. This emotion and feeling starting to conquer their consciousness and leading to a life of non secure,solitude and frantic way…

feeling like being under surveillance…
finding every thing in life and alleging them to the proof of Under SS..
being in a solitude and lonely ways in life always ..
tendency to go inside from the social life and walking behind from mingling others …

give much time to listen the victim..take it as serious as they say abt this issue..
dont try to humiliate them ..give therm best therapy and counselling.. try to make them mingle with family and friends…



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