Some basic tips to use internet in safe way…

Since we are living in information age, we cannot deny the importance of Internet and technology in our daily life. Like every other aspects in the human world, internet has its own bad and good face.. So here some basic guidelines to make a good and safe way of Internet usage…

Try to use Firefox instead of Microsoft IE.. Firefox has more built-in features for pop-up blocking and anti-spam ..
use the pop-up blocker always and whenever u find a pop up on ur browser, then try to close it using the parent window or using key combination ALT+F4. Some pop-ups may have contains links on the close button..
always enable the spam guard feature in ur email service. keep deleting the spam folder frequently.
delete the emails like _” u got 2000000 rs lottery ” or ” i am from russia, i want to marry u “‘ even bfore u open them..
use a very good antivirus software in ur machine and keep updating it.. if u unable purchase the legal version. then try some free version.. version of AVG
Do not download attachments which are not related to the message..for an instance, don’t download an attachment which has extension not related to picture if the msg abt the a greetings card…
always keep up-to-date ur system time. unless it may have probs to login google services like orkut etc.
do not go after links contain porn messages or links.. Do not download the porn contents from authorised sources..

last but not least, use ur common-sense when u use internet


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