MoonWalk stopped…Michael jackson passed away..


Here we call the term ” an era ends”” .. same thing happened.. Michael Jackson , a a man who conquered minds of millions and at the same time millions hate him.

he passed away.. nevertheless of his private life, he will be an icon of the pop music as long as the music industry exists..
A child who brought up as a Negro and fought with his destiny and became a man of the millennium.. He also gathered Everest of scandals and scams..
This man passed away matter we say, we can love him, we can hate him, but we cannot ignore him..

his famous moon walk ..

best moves of MJ


One thought on “MoonWalk stopped…Michael jackson passed away..

  1. Man, u made me dance with ur wands..
    Is this a swan song for ur fence.,, cant believe….
    Every time i tried to hate but i think i liked u ..
    NO matter wat u have done ,
    so now i just want to say to them .. just like u have said..
    All i want to say that , they dont wanna care about us…

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