CTRL+ALT+DEL in linux…

its a hypothetical situation. but in some odd situations , tux may hang ur system..so in such situations , u can give a hand to ur machine by using a safe key.. here is the way u go..
(the below tip is based on gnome0…..kde users please excuse ..)

system->preference->keyboard shortcuts

choose custom short cut..
and create a new menu .. put name for the command as safe switch or u can use any thing u like .. and in the command section, u just fill with “gnome-system-monitor” without quots

close the menu and go back to desktop..
and whenever some windows or tux hang ur system.. fire ur safe key.. it show u there a window in which u can see the current running process. just choose the process u need close and close it..
the picture will show how to close the crashed firefox..

safe key
safe key


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