Mandriva 2009 spring….

A user review of new spring over the Linux world.. Mandriva 2009 spring

wel.. ahem.. i dint like on the first touch.. i am a mandriva lover and Gnome fanatic and was using the mandriva 2009 since last few months.. i was quite happy with tt.. but i couldnt stop the flow or hormone to try with new Spring when igot the DVD.. so i spinned on ma DVD drive.. well after the easy installation step.. first look was so sad.. the background is so dark.. i dont like the artwork..

but after some customizations and some hand touches, i made this into a real spring.. now i am so happy with this.. every desktop user must use this Mandriva .. it is the only one opponent to the Ugly Ubuntu.

features like:-

gnome2.26 ( default browsed mode in nautilus with handy features..
Empathy– It let u make voice and video calls from ur gmail account ..oilaaaaaaa

i installed google gadgets and after that my desktop seems like (more) VIsta..

so just dont be shy to enjoy this spring.

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