using ur windows fonts..

this tips will help u to use the MS windows fonts in Linux.
first of all, u should mount the windows C:\ directory , the windows files installed
to /mnt/windows_c
trace tot he windows fonts directory, its must be on /mnt/windows_c/windows/fonts.
now edit the /etc/X11/fs/config(as a root user)
and append the following line
/mnt/windows_c/windows/fonts. make sure that u put a comma on the end of the previous line.
save and exit.
as a root user , execute this
/etc/rc.d/init.d/xfs restart

so u can use the windows true type fonts in linux.

another enron???

Sad news again.. Satyam computers , one of the leading computer software company revealed their weakest point..
well what is happening??
are we making 100 story building on a water- made basement??
around 53000 employees got the Democlees Sword upon their head.:(

seems like Government job is always good and rock solid, even the salary is low, but its a stable flow..
making high much money with few hours is always a starting a tragic story:(

password protect ..single mode

every body that linux has a security issue that , if any can acess a machine physically , then change the root password using rescue mode..
to limit that security breach.. here is the tip..
edit /etc/inittab and append this line

save and exit..
wnever u start the rescue single mode, it will ask the root password..

change the startup display message

here.. let me tell how to change the start up display images..
messages displaying at startup usually like this..

#starting NF service………..[ok]..
if u wanna change it . then open the file /etc/init.d/functions in a text editor..
then locate the function echo_successs90 and replace the field OK and FAILED with

save and exit and reboot..
next time display image looks like this
#starting NFS service …[done]


tps and tricks complied from LFY…

this is a compilation of tips and tricks published in LinuxForYou magazine..
Courtesy to the oroginal authors in LFY..

1.Boot Linux from windows Bootloader.:-

#nstall windows Xp and then Linnux..
#at the point of grub/linux bootloader ,install to the root partion instead of MBR.
#download the program named Bootpart(
#run bootpart from DOS mode..(type bootpart from DOS mode)
#type these command:-bootpartbootlinx.bin

if u want to remove the linux entry..just edit the C:\boot.ini file.