using ur windows fonts..

this tips will help u to use the MS windows fonts in Linux.first of all, u should mount the windows C:\ directory , the windows files installedto /mnt/windows_ctrace tot he windows fonts directory, its must be on /mnt/windows_c/windows/ edit the /etc/X11/fs/config(as a root user)and append the following line/mnt/windows_c/windows/fonts. make sure that u put a comma … Continue reading using ur windows fonts..


another enron???

Sad news again.. Satyam computers , one of the leading computer software company revealed their weakest point..well what is happening??are we making 100 story building on a water- made basement??around 53000 employees got the Democlees Sword upon their head.:(seems like Government job is always good and rock solid, even the salary is low, but its … Continue reading another enron???

password protect ..single mode

every body that linux has a security issue that , if any can acess a machine physically , then change the root password using rescue limit that security breach.. here is the tip..edit /etc/inittab and append this linesu:S:wait:/sbin/suloginsave and exit..wnever u start the rescue single mode, it will ask the root password..