its another miracle of Kamal Hasan , the legend of Indian cinema..The film is good and got alot hard work and a sure hit.But what abt the first scene of the movie, the Chola-Shiva and Vishnava fight?
What actually did he try to say?
In his view the devotee of Lord Shiva are bad men? and Vaishnava-brahmins are the best??
thats the most***ing part of the movie?
Lord Shiva is the true idol of tamilians(drvavidians), the true ppl belongs to India.
The vaishnavas(brahmins) are the invadersm the aryan race, the root cause of all evil which ruins India now.
From making this scene in the movie,KamalHasan humiliated himself and declines his own people and
his dynasty.


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